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IT Project problems

The project was a good example of organizational problems leading to failures in IT projects. The key stakeholders were Deloitte and the state. Deloitte was to blame for the mishap due imminent organizational issues as will be discussed. There was lack of clear communication of what would be termed as the deliverable. In such a case, it was possible to deem the project as a success without much questioning. Krigman (2013) states that the Deloitte group simply understated the problems as “issues and challenges” and that the systems were in a working condition in other states. This was a technical lapse owing to the fact that the project at hand was actually cancelled, after the long time and expenses.
Success in an IT project depends on a number of factors, which lie under the realm of the management. Amongst these are time, budget, value, quality, professionalism and satisfaction to the stakeholders. It is upon the project manager to ensure that these factors are met in order to deem a certain project as successful. In view of the case project, none of this was meant, meaning that the project was a critical failure.
As part of the ten factor model of project implementation, management support is a crucial agent in distinguishing success from failure in projects. Project management is deemed to depend on the management for authority and direction and also as a channel for implementation of the goals and plans of the organization. The manner in which the management supports a project determines the degree to which the clients will accept e same project. Thus, top management support is a combination of the resources allocated for the project, as well as the support available when a crisis occurs. In order to successfully implement projects, the management should be strict in standard guidelines of the project lifecycle. After the concept is adopted, proper planning should ensure that all necessary requirements are put in place. ...
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In this case, BearingPoint, the initial contractor went broke passing on the project to Deloitte. At the time of the article’s print, the project had gone late by two…
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