A Survey of Advances in Biometric Security

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The primary purpose of this particular research was to determine a thorough survey about the advancement of biometric solutions as security measures in numerous sectors over the years of its existence. Contextually, from the analysis of various secondary research articles and…


However, there are certain specific issues associated with the use of biometric security system within any network. These issues mainly involve violation of basic privacy rights of individuals during the process of identification and analysis along with errors of accurate identification in certain scenarios. Hence, it can be concluded that biometric solutions are indeed an important part of the modern day security control measures and will most definitely be more prominent in years to come.
With the advent of technology and its advancement, considerable changes have been noticed in terms of its application in various domains of the society (Pise, 2011). It has been comprehended that in the presence of advanced technologies, conducting any particular activity has become more easy and interesting. In this context, it can be stated that the use of technology is extensively apparent in almost each and every domain of the society which includes education, business, healthcare and security sector among others (Gates, 2011). The use of technology for the purpose of information security has also become quite prevalent in the recent time. There are numerous technologies that are implemented for the purpose of security control in the present day with biometric security being the most extensively implemented one. Biometric security primarily refers to the approach of analyzing or evaluating an individual with the purpose of examining their identification for accessing a secured areas or network with the help of biometric tools and techniques (Mordin & Tzovaras, 2012). Biometric security works on the principle of analyzing patterns and physiological and biological structure of individuals towards validating their identification (Cole, 2011).
This research intends to provide a comprehensive understanding about the aspect of biometric security solutions along with an evaluation of its performance efficacy in the present day context. Likewise, the research will be ...
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