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A Survey of Advances in Biometric Security

The research paper primarily emphasizes upon the analysis of the advancement that has been seen in the field of biometrics over the years, which has widened its implementation and popularity in the recent time. It has been learnt that biometric solutions have become quite popular amid various sectors of the society with regard to its importance as a security control measures. The technology works for analyzing and evaluating the identification of any individual through examining their physical and biological elements. It is believed that the technology assure utmost accuracy while executing the process of data accumulation and data analysis further ensuring the proper identification of any individuals. This aspect further aids in assuring protection of any secured areas or confidential networks. There are several forms of biometric security solutions, such DNA identification, fingerprint analysis, face recognition and etc. However, it is believed that there are certain errors that can take place in the process of executing security measures through the use of biometric solutions. This particular aspect, impact the social acceptance of the system. It is known that use of biometric solutions has its origination since the early civilization where many of the approaches currently used by biometric solutions were used for various purposes. It can be concluded that biometric security solutions has developed rapidly over the years and recently has gained widespread acceptance as one of the most reliable security measures. ...
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The primary purpose this particular research paper is to determine a thorough survey about the advancement of biometric solutions as security measures in numerous sectors over the years. An insight is also drawn about the current trend and the historical context of security approaches. …
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