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Java PROGRAMMING - Essay Example

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Information Technology
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The term structured programming in the simplest and most basic sense refers to the subset of procedural programming that are modified and enforced in a logical manner and structure. The aim and objective of structured programming is to enable the program to be more effective,…

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In a structured programming language, the outright benefit and advantage is that it helps the programming setup to minimize complexities. This logic and line of thought stems from the fact modularity would help a programmer to solve and confront the problems in a reasonable manner and fashion. It is needless to stress and over-emphasize the fact that once the logical structures are streamlined, the flow would be seamless and thus a programmer would have more clarity when dealing with data (Hughes, 2009).
Secondly, there are the prospects of increased productivity because the modularity allows a programmer to work on several different projects concurrently. This is to imply and say that the modules may be engaged and re-used many times, thus reliability and dependability would be improved. Subsequently, time and costs would be saved since it is far much easier to replace the singular modules rather than a huge amount of codes (Hughes, 2009). A practical case and instance of an application is the Java Programming which is an object-oriented language. This stems from the fact that it a language used to serve the purposes outlined above in the name of merits and ...
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