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Being a receiver of the experiences, I gained a lot of information and knowledge that are important. In this regard, the impacts of good training and support are that it helps one to devise new ways of solving technical problems (Sanchez, 2009). This involves the use of demonstrations with the products rather than the theoretical aspects or customization. The other impact is that one gets to understand the requirements of using various technological gadgets such as software devices, mobile phones or computers (Sanchez, 2009). This provides the opportunity to interact with experienced tech support teams from other organizations.
However, the impacts of bad training and support are that the apprentices acquire unprofessional teachings that might make them produce low quality services. This sends the clients away from the company, leading to loss of trust. Bad training and support also reduce the productivity of the tech support team, which lowers their morale (Sanchez, 2009).
I think bad training and support normally happen due to poor preparations, hasty decision-making without consultations and inability to use modern technology. It is essential for the tech support team to engage with others from other organizations for sharing of ideas and consultations (Sanchez, 2009). This is because the technology is dynamic and requires the incorporation of different ideas for wise decision ...
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This exposes the workers to different experiences and personalities, which is also a motivational aspect. The experience that I had at the business…
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