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computer security

Once an individual clicks on the link, it directs to a website where a malware software and virus is downloaded into the individual computer, in addition to downloading and installing a spyware that captures sensitive information from the computer (US CERT, 2012). Thus, blended threat is fatal than other forms of threat, since it entails the damage of an individual’s computer, while at the same time allowing for the track of sensitive information by the attackers, who can later use it for their benefit. Additionally, blended threats are more difficult to combat, since any activity on the link sent by the attacker will definitely cause harm to the computer in one way or the other (Trend Micro, 2008). Mobile threats With the increase in technology advancement, mobile technology has not been left out. Sophisticated mobile devices are being produced each day, allowing the users to access information from the internet at the click of their phone button. This has motivated the cyber criminals to venture into targeting mobile devices, where they have developed files that are easily transferrable through email, MMS, Bluetooth and even text messages (Trend Micro, 2008). ...
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Computer security Grade Course (24th, Nov. 2012) Computer security Computers have always been a major target for security threats. Thus, the issue of computer security is very diverse such that it is not easy to cover. This is because, the threats to computer security range from cyber crimes, to computer crimes and internet crimes, as well as computer privacy issues…
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