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Term Paper example - Disaster Recovery Plan

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Information Technology
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Disaster Recovery Plan Business continuity plan or Disaster recovery plan Uncertainty in the environment caused by natural and man-made disasters, call for strategic management plan for business continuity and disaster recovery. An important lesson learned by the business and industrial organizations from the September, 11, 2001 terrorists’ attack on the USA made them to realize the need for contingency planning in the case of unexpected and uncertain events…

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This paper discusses disaster recovery plan in respect of Share Broking House. Disaster recovery plan in Share Broking House The disaster causing damages in an environment may be either temporary as in the case of Sandy storm or permanent as in the case of attack on World Trade Center. The planning for the latter one involves substantial capital investment for establishing the required facilities for continuity of the business in an alternative site. The geographical locations should be dispersed with sufficient distance between the head office and the alternate site proposed for disaster recovery plan. Disasters may be categorized into two types at company level based on the nature of damages: disaster causing damages to the system and disaster causing damages to the entire facilities and properties. Establishing disaster recovery system at a different site will take care of both the types of disasters. ...
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