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Data Storage, memory allocations and communications in use in computing systems.

Assume that you want to store 100GB of data onto the free space that you have on your hard drive. If data is uploaded to your machine via a phone line with a rate of 28,400 bps, how long would it take to fill the available storage space?
Use one of the many sites available on the Internet to investigate the speed of your personal Internet connection. With that speed, how long would it take to store/upload that data? Does it make a difference what kind of files you are transferring (text, images, video)? If so, estimate the range of time it may take to fill up your hard drive.
How many cells can be in a computer's main memory if each cell's address can be represented by two hexadecimal digits? What if four hexadecimal digits are used? Explain your answer.
Suppose three values (x, y, and z) are stored in a machine's memory. Describe the sequence of events (loading registers from memory, saving values in memory, and so on) that lead to the computation of x + y + z. How about (2x) + y?
Suppose a communication line is being used to transmit data serially at 14,400 bps. If a burst of interference lasts .01 second, how many data bits would be affected? ...
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Assume that you have a hard disk on your computer system, that has unused 100GB. Would it be reasonable to use CDs to store most of the material you have on the drive as a backup? What about DVDs? Explain why you would prefer the one media to the other…
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