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Journalism & Communication
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Journalism, mass media, and communication Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Six Employability Criteria and Professional Development Review (Pdr) Criteria 1 Workplace essentials Why do I think this is important to develop? I think it is important to develop this because it escalates involvement, value-added ethical, heightened worker commitment and enhanced team enactment after workplace.


It is also important because it will enable me to be more vigilant when evaluating data and ensuring it is perfect and up to date as in most cases such information are always ongoing projects. In addition, I will be in a position to identify new business openings and open opportunities for the business in order to improve on their statement approaches. What I want to have achieved by the end of the placement At the end of the placement, I hope to have gained more arithmetical skills that will enable me to perform more tasks that require data collection and analysis. Furthermore, I hope to have improved my participation and devotion characters so that I may become an active member in my working place through taking part in various activities. Criteria 2 Oral communication Why do I think this is important to develop? This element is important because it promotes a high level of understanding and transparency in oral communication as it is interpersonal. There is no constituent of inflexibility in verbal communication, which implies that there is tractability for permitting modifications in the decision-making previously taken. In addition, oral communication is a vital tool for teamwork and team determination (Gonon 2008, p.90). ...
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