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Research paper Scholarly articles follow a systematic scientific approach and are subject to review prior to publication. Procedures and elements such as exploration of background information for determining a problem statement, literature review, development and implementation of a study’s, and methodology, and documentation of research findings and implications are characteristics and should meet expected standards.


20). The statement of purpose is therefore clear and is expressly stated. The author’s offers many justifications for undertaking the study and one of the justifications is existence of information gap on the subtopic that remains unexplored within the wider topic of mobile phones usability. Background information into the study that identifies increasing trend in phone ownership among teenagers, previous studies on rates of phone applications and the role of phone in social initiatives, among friends, and within social networks with little focus on the role of phone usage in dialectic autonomy versus connection among adults is one of the offered reasons for the study. The need to obtain solutions for developed questions from the study’s background information is another justification that the authors offer for the study. The questions relate to partners’ perception of the role of mobile phones on “autonomy-connection dialectic” and potential conflict among partners regarding cell phone usage (Duran, Kelly and Rotaru, 2011, p. 20). ...
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