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Katy Perry’s Dressin’ Up Introduction The song Dressin Up by Katy Perry contains lyrics which are very suggestive and is now subject of this discussion on the feminist theory. This song shall be critically analysed based on elements of feminism, sexuality, and gender difference.


It basically seeks to secure an understanding of the qualities which relate to gender inequality. It also assesses women’s social functions, including their experiences, their interests, as well as their politics in various fields including anthropology, sociology, communication, education, and philosophy (Chodorow, 1989). This feminist theory also highlights the analysis of gender inequality as well as the promotion of women’s rights and interests. These researchers allow for two main concepts – that their research must highlight the condition of women in society, and that their studies must also be founded on the fact that women are often subordinated to men (Chodorow, 1989). In effect, feminist research opposes Weber’s discussions on value-free orientation favouring the overtly political and the desire for gender equality. The discussions in the feminist theory instead include discrimination, the objectification of women, oppression, stereotyping, art history, and aesthetics (Macionis and John, 2010). In the song, ‘Dressin’ Up’ by Katy Perry, the lyrics of the song are very much sexually suggestive, and as it is sang by a female, the lyrics do not provoke as much controversy in relation to feminist concepts. Nevertheless, the lyrics do stir feminists and their general sensibilities. ...
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