The Impacts of Global Media on Local Cultures and Identities

The Impacts of Global Media on Local Cultures and Identities Dissertation example
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Contents Contents 1 Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Statement of the Problem 8 Literature Review 9 Media Impact on Culture 22 Theories of Culture 24 Part two: Analysis of Global of Media and its Impact on Culture 25 How the Globalization of Media Shapes the World & specifically Middle East 25 Challenges, Issues and Problems associated with Globalization of Media 27 Part 3 Case Study: Globalization of Media and Middle East 28 Globalization of Media & Middle East 28 Part 4: Globalization of Media and future Opportunities 34 Opportunities Created By Globalization of Media 34 Is Globalization of Media a threat to Cultural and Social Norms of the UAE?


Since the overall impact of globalization is diverse i.e. social, political, cultural, economic, media etc. therefore it may be relatively difficult to define globalization according to certain fixed parameters. Although it would be very difficult to believe that any of these views are absolutely right, but nevertheless globalization and its relationship with the media should not be ignored outright Media plays a vital role in creating the link between the different cultures and works as the fastest mode of spreading the aspects of the world cultures. This may create good or bad impacts on local values and culture, grasped or adopted by the local people resulting in the so-called hybrid culture. Hybrid culture is one of the emblematic notions of the present era. Invent of global media has extended people knowledge and has resulted in the exchange of cultural information and identity. ...
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