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Case number 97-4126, United Food & Commercials Workers Union (UFCWU), et al, Plaintiff-Apellees, vs. Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), Defendant, Appellant, was argued from June 15 1998 and decided on December 10 1998.


United Food & Commercial Workers Union
1983 and on grounds of First Amendment, UFCWU challenged SORTA’s decision to reject the planned wrap-around advertisement, which they (SORTA) termed as aesthetically unpleasant and too controversial. Among SORTA’s commercial ventures is the sale of advertising space on the buses and bus shelters it owns. However, UFCWU’s proposed wrap-up advertisement, which portrayed protesting union workers fleeing from the police and boarding a bus belonging to SORTA was rejected. In its ruling, the district court concluded that UFCWU was favored by the balance of equities and, therefore, granted the preliminary injunctive relief (Moore 1). Case number 07-2105, Rita Miller, Plaintiff, vs. Clinton County; Honorable Richard Saxton, Appellant, was argued from May 13 2008 and decided on October 1 2008. The civil rights action was brought against Richard Saxton, the Court of Common Pleas’ President Judge, by Clinton County’s former probation officer, Rita Miller. It was asserted by Rita Miller that Richard Saxton violated her right to free speech (First Amendment) and right to due process (Fourteenth Amendment) by firing her after she wrote him a complaint letter claiming hostility and intimidation from her supervisor. Miller appealed against Saxton’s decision to fire her, and a district court permitted the wrongful termination case to proceed.
However, the case was dismissed by a federal appeals court, effectively reversing the ruling made by the district judge. Miller had alleged that her supervisor had acted unprofessionally by stating the probationers were a scum and did not merit the money spent on them by the probation office. ...
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