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Student’s Name Course Title Due Date Theory: Symbolic Interaction Theory (Mead and Blumer) Word Count: 817 Applying Symbolic Interaction Theory to Personal Experiences Society is made up of individuals’ subjective interpretation and belief. This is the main premise of the symbolic interaction theory.


This theory may be used to explain the attributes of our social groups, or why we decide to belong to a certain social network. I have a personal experience that substantiates these assumptions. During my university days I became part of a ‘socially disliked’ circle of friends. My family and teachers persistently persuaded me to leave the group and look for other friends, those who are, according to them, ‘good’ influence. But I did not yield to their advices for I felt a genuine feeling of belongingness in the group. My friends were chain smokers and heavy drinkers. They were carefree and always cheerful. They find happiness in simple things, like walking in the park and road tripping. Ironically, I am quite the opposite. I am always anxious and I consistently worry about things. Unlike them, I am not a smoker. I indulge in alcoholic beverages occasionally. Hence, it became quite puzzling for many why I have friends who were a total opposite of me. I am well aware that my friends were considered by most as ‘delinquent’ and a ‘bad’ influence. But I see them differently. I see them as ‘normal’ people who inspire me to take things lightly and get out of my comfort zone. ...
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