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Applied Management Project Social Media and Brand Reputation ABSTRACT The Web 2.0 technology has pervaded the lives of most people with the popularity of sites such as YouTube, Flickr, social networking sites and various blogspheres. Web 2.0 is the second generation of web-base services and tools that promote online collaboration among users.


Reputation risk has been considered the primary threat to business operations and the market value of their organizations. Despite this, organizations have been neglecting reputation risk management strategies. Thus with the aim to educate businesses on the ways in which brands might deal with ‘viral’ social media events to ensure they do not damage the reputation of the brand, three objectives were set in Chapter I. This was a qualitative study based on secondary data and after extensive literature in Chapter Two the study has achieved its objectives. The study finds that social media has changed how businesses function. Social networking applications create and manage a digital expression of people’s personal relationships or links. Social networking has the ability to expand social contacts, accelerate business processes, improve customer relations, reduce cost of recruitments, improve staff morale, motivation and job satisfaction among employees. It also provides a collaborative learning environment where knowledge workers can be grouped together. Social media can be termed as an alternative communication tool which supports existing relationship and enriches the users’ experience. ...
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