The development of media sources between 1930-1999 and how it affected the Women's Fashion industry in Western societies during

The development of media sources between 1930-1999 and how it affected the Women
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As with much of the modern era, developments in media sources as well as the way in which marketing and advertisement take place have helped to craft a new identity for individuals living within the 20th century and beyond. However, rather than focusing upon an unbelievably large topic such as how media impacts upon people in the modern era, this particular research analysis will focus upon how media sources developed between 1930 and 1999 and had a direct, measurable, and noticeable impact upon the world of women’s fashion.


Firstly, it must be understood and appreciated that the 1930s was a period in time in which radio was coming into its own. Although developed in the late 19th century, by the 1930’s radio had come to be exhibited within society to very much the same level and extent to which television is exhibited within the society of today. However, although able to integrate a degree of advertising, radio was ultimately incapable of presenting any form of image to the listener. This is where mass marketing of stores such as Woolworth’s, Sears, and a number of other mail order or local outlet stores began to take shape. As a direct result of chain stores that were able to open offices within a given area and even send out advertisements and catalogues, a sense of uniformity was able to be developed and instituted within the minds of those who thought themselves to be conscious concerning female fashion. ...
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