FaceBook And Romantic Relationships Essay example
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Technological advancement has taken a great influence towards barely every aspect of human life in the modern day. Communication in particular has received a revolution using modernized means of communication especially by use of internet and social media


A recent debate over a local radio station caught my attention when the discussion revolved around a woman who felt cheated and silly over a love affair that started over the face book and hardly lasted two months before she invited the lover (man) into her place of residence. She only learnt that after engaging in romance that the man left her, no more communication while she could easily identify that the man was now hooked up in another romantic relationship over the social media. The phone calls that were made into the studio in contribution to the motion surprised me the more on how many people fall into the trap of exposing their romantic lives over the social media and only to fall prey to such ‘romantic stalking’ persons whose intention is only to have personal gratification and nothing of a long lasting relationship. This therefore gave me the challenge to research deeper into the long lasting effects that Face book, among many other social media has to persons especially concerning romantic relationships. This paper hence intends to evaluate the impacts of face book to personal lives and how such negative effects can be dealt with the ever-increasing need to have face book for ease of communication and keeping circles of friends. ...
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