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Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication in International Management September 30, 2013 1. Introduction This paper provides an analysis of an advertisement and discusses important aspects and meanings of the ad. The Ad selected is of Jamie Oliver, the famous Chef from Britain, endorsing and advertising marinated tray-bake range of chicken.


An analysis of the Ad will help in assessing his magnetic personality and use of props that have helped Jamie to become so widely popular (Oliver, 2000). The paper is divided into a number of sections and these cover a literature review of communication and meaning and analysis of the Ad from different perspectives. Given below is a copy of the Ad to be analysed. Figure 1.1. Jamie Oliver Ad to be analysed 2. Theory and literature review The concept of meaning and linguistic turn of language is discussed by Tietze (2008) who suggests that meaning is transferred through a language sensitive enquiry. Metaphors, stories and discourses are related by the use of audio visual aids such as advertisements and product literature. Meaning is transferred through four dimensions of a language and these are descriptive/categorizing dimension; phatic dimension; performative dimension and hegemonial dimensions. Among these, descriptive/categorizing dimension and phatic dimension are more relevant since the former refers to a symbolic sign system where signs are combined with meanings. Advertisements are usually created so that they converge to the English label and different tropes such as synecdoche and metonym are used to create group identities. ...
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