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Student’s Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Article Critique Introduction Herbert Pimlott, in his article ‘Eternal ephemera’ or the durability of ‘disposable literature’: The power and persistence of print in an electronic world, tries to demonstrate how disposable literature stood the test of time, especially in the face of remarkable technological developments.


The central attributes of this disposable literature, such as portability, inexpensiveness, simplicity, anonymity, especially its powerful role in the political and commercial spheres, make it indispensable in the contemporary period. In order to clearly explain his thesis, the author structured the discussion in a chronological manner, beginning from the history of disposable literature, particularly as regards the role it played in earlier political and commercial organizations, to the current uses of disposable literature, particularly its attributes that contribute to its eternal existence. Summary It is a common assumption that technological advances will replace traditional practices. Human history has witnessed how technology evolved from simple to complex. One of the most revolutionary technology advances is the digital media. It tremendously expanded the reaches of business, political organizations, nonprofit groups, advocacy campaigns, and so on (Gomez 13). It made possible worldwide communications. The author discusses how the digital revolution, which is significantly affecting traditional print media, has paradoxically strengthened the value of disposable literature to the contemporary period. ...
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