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Communication Research - Assignment Example


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Communication Research

Qualitative research does no sampling because, unlike quantitative research which relies heavily on sample size as the key driver of statistical analysis, qualitative research is based more on observation and the interpretations are mostly value-bound. Qualitative research is subjective in nature while quantitative research is objective. Given the context and implications of the use of sampling in a research study, it is important to ensure that the sample size chosen is appropriate and adequate in order to derive effective results from the study. Since the analysis of the data relies heavily on the sampling methods used as well as on the sample size, it is highly crucial to ensure that the chosen method is apt for the research study. However, determining an appropriate sample size is a highly tedious process, and the researchers are generally found to be vulnerable to random sampling errors. These sampling errors encountered by researchers refer to ascertaining the appropriate sample size and disregarding the response and non-response bias Yes. Response bias means when the respondents answer in accordance with what they perceive the researcher expects them to answer, rather than relying on their own personal beliefs. Non-response bias occurs in statistical surveys and refers to the difference between the answers provided by the respondents, and those likely to be provided by potential respondents who did not participate in the study (Wunsch, 1986). The key advantage of sampling is that

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Communication Research
aid=3633 The article covers the influence of social media on journalism. The primary focus of the research is the change in mass media communication and journalism as a result of the growing use of social media. The article is a secondary reference source because it employs analysis of research conducted by different authors.
3 pages (750 words) Assignment
Communication Research
The article also attempts to investigate and evaluate the various changes brought about by the advent of technology and its implications on modern day journalistic practices. The article particularly focuses on examining and assessing the manner in which In this article the authors have argued that blogs are an extension of 1960s 'new journalism' implying that the emergence of new forms of social media has empowered the conventional forms of communication and elevated its extent, scope and outreach to unprecedented levels.
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Communication Research
The dominant approaches used for this type of research include qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative research entails the study and inquiry of a social or human phenomenon with regard to the key variables identified by the research which in turn are measured, analysed, and interpreted in numerical / statistical form to determine, confirm or reject the research hypothesis and answer the research questions (Creswell, 2002: p.
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Communication Research
The conclusion in this type of research process is often derived logically from the information collected and the facts observed as a part of the study (Keyton, 2011). Inductive research process: The inductive research process on the other hand refers to a process whereby the researcher adopts a completely opposite approach of arriving at a conclusion as observed in the deductive approach.
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Develop your own marketing communication model derived from academic research. Analyse the Marketing Communications Campaign of FMCG brand of Heineken
It has in its assortment more than 250 brands in around 70 different countries. As it is diversified worldwide, it faces many problems and hurdles. Despite all the problems, the strong strategy of Heineken Beer has made it to achieve its
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Journal Article Critique
The findings revealed that from among the measures of centrality that represents workplace friendship networks, only closeness, in contrast to both degree and betweeness, was significantly related to job satisfaction. One hereby aims
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Communication Research
Sampling helps the researcher in establishing a definite link / relationship between the conceptual aspects of the study with the empirical data
3 pages (750 words) Assignment
Communication Research: Sampling
There is no permanent solution to address the wide range of problems associated with selecting an appropriate sample size hence the researcher must ensure that certain key questions are addressed prior to selecting a sample population. These include the key objectives and goals of the study, the type of methodology used i.e. qualitative or quantitative; the response variables and the tools planned to be used for measuring the same.
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Organization research for communication major
As discussed in lecture, the information you are asked to provide below is what you should collect before any major interview in which you are either the interviewer or interviewee. Please also specify the sources for all the
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Communication Theory & Research
al health issues can be weakened through reducing the fat talk, engaging in health campaigns, and changing the topic or using a more positive side of the talk such as showing those involved that they are also attractive (Arroyo and Harwood 179-184). The researcher contributed
1 pages (250 words) Assignment
it allows the researcher to use numbers as a tool to assign value to a given phenomenon and derive meaning out of the numerical data collected by them (Keyton, 2011). Quantitative research enables the researcher to use / select smaller groups or sample sizes and make effective assumptions / observations or draw appropriate inferences about larger groups, and in the process allows them to effectively conduct their study with minimum costs involved (Holton & Burnett, 1997). Researchers use various tools and formulas to determine the most appropriate sample size for their study in order to minimize the risk of errors; however, despite such efforts, researchers continue to remain vulnerable to random sampling errors and the use of questionable approaches to select the sample size appropriate for their field of study. The key purpose of any study is to achieve multiple objectives rather than derive conclusions regarding a single parameter.I agree. Hence choosing an appropriate sample size is a highly complex issue. Furthermore, the choice of a sample size is dependent on a range of factors including the homogeneity of the target population, the availability of time, costs involved, as well as personnel available at the disposal of the researchers to aid and assist them in collecting the relevant data (Churchill & Iacobucci, 2009).


Sample Size Sampling or sample size refers to the "selection of a part of the aggregate statistical material with a view to obtain information about the whole" (Das, 2009, p. 488). It is used in quantitative research studies as a tool for measuring, identifying, estimating, and presenting information collected in a numerical format, and analyzing the same to derive a logical conclusion or substantiate the research hypothesis…
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Communication Research essay example
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