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Reading Response Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract In Lievrouw and Livingstone’s work (as cited in Flew & Smith, 2011), they deem that the determination and study of forms of new media is underlined by three basic principles. First is a detailed analysis of the tools and gadgets that create the ability to communicate.


The social framework that forms around the use of the communication tools is an important component of the approach to new media. With every change that takes place in communication technology, the way in which society operates changes. This can be best expressed by the radical changes in social relations from the days when there were no computers, mobile phones, and the internet, in sharp contrast to today’s scenario, where such devices are almost a basic need in every household and for every individual. Keywords: New Media, Communication, Technology Introduction The definition of new media involves a blended look into 4 factors; “computing and information technology, communication networks, content, and digitized media arising out of another process and convergence” (Flew & Smith, 2011). Computing and information technology form the core of new media studies. The technological devices that are used in computing and in communication facilitate the process of information transfer, and the resulting social interactions. Communication networks are the channels over which the information exchange occurs. ...
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