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Political Communication Abstract The notion of political communication has been regarded as a fresh and thrilling field of study which is perceived to be situated at the juncture of the learning related to political parties, electoral behaviour and communication.


According to the obtained findings, politics and the environment of a country are believed to be directly related. A superior political communication procedure would thus help to maintain a politically stable environment within the country which would further augment its reputation in the international forefront. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Findings & Analysis 5 Conclusion 27 References 28 Introduction Political communication is known to be concerned with dissemination, consequences of the flow of information, production and procession with the help of media forms as well as interpersonally with respect to political context. This particular process of political communication is learnt to function in a downward way from the central institutions in the direction of the citizens towards developing parallel connections in between the political actors. The process also engages an upward flow when the opinion of the general public gets communicated towards the authorities. The political communication processes essentially concentrates on the way the messages are produced by the political players such as the interest groups and parties. This process also involves the way the messages or rather the information gets conveyed with the help of both direct as well as indirect channels (Norris, 2004). ...
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