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TV Paper Topics INTRODUCTION With the advent of globalization and the rapid development in the field of technology, today’s generation are considered to be the most advanced. However, the influence of television (TV) is considered to be the same as it was decades ago.


It is considered that the last episode of the show named “the last one” was almost watched by 52.46 millions of viewers from all around the United States of America (USA). Although, “Friends” is considered to be one of the most watched TV American sitcom, however, many critics has stated that the show mainly focused on promoting Americanization all over the globe. THESIS STATEMENT The thesis of this paper is to provide a descriptive study of the American sitcom named “Friends” by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The paper would provide descriptions of the issues that have been followed in the show, along with programs that disapprove or promotes the subject matter. The paper would also include a part that would highlight how the show has helped in spreading Americanization all over the USA. DISCUSSION Issue or concept from the book in the show: The different issues that have been identified from the book that is present within the show are listed here under: Americanization The first issue that has been identified within the book name, “Television Studies: The Key Concepts” by Casey, B. is Cultural Imperialism. It was viewed that the show name “Friends” mainly focused on spreading the American culture my involving different activities that was being followed in most part of America. ...
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