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Branding, “KONY 2012” case study Name Course Instructor Institution Date Branding, “KONY 2012” case study Brand identity and self branding are among the emerging most discussed marketing trends in the contemporary world (Fan, 2002). Branding refers to a marketing practice involving the creation of names, symbols and designs that identify and differentiate an organization and its products from others (Kunde, 2002).


The main objective of this study is to answer the question how does self branding influence consumer behavior in relation to how they respond to advertisements. Successful branding occurs when a particular product, company name or symbol is easily identifiable and common among the target group to the extent that they relate to it. Successful brands influence consumer decisions in terms of what they wear, what they eat and what they associate themselves with (Fan, 2002). This is because of the role brand advertising plays in encouraging individuals to identify with a particular company and its brands. Different approaches are often employed by companies and organizations to bring out their messages to the masses through various media and try as much as possible to appeal to their emotions and impact on their actions and decisions regarding the brand. Each person has their own natural desire to express their own feelings and identify with the things they like. With this proposition in mind, companies have learned to position themselves and their brands in a manner that they can be relied upon by the people to express their character and identity (Fan, 2002). ...
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