Self Statement: Organizational Communications program Admissions essay.

Self Statement: Organizational Communications program Admissions essay. Admission Essay example
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I would be the perfect candidate for a spot at the Organizational Communications program, for I bring with myself the very traits at being successful. My academic and professional background are proof of my abilities as a viable candidate, for I am not only willing and hardworking but also competitive enough to rise to the challenges laid down in front of me.


Academically, I have always taken education seriously giving it my top most priority. At the time of my high school graduation, I graduated with honors and continued to carry on the legacy to Prince George’s Community College. I am not one to crumble under the work load, instead I seem to take the challenge head on. While attending school all year round I graduated from, Prince George's Community College as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in December 2011 with three Associate Degree's and continued to purse my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Maryland.
Now finally at Bowie State I can expand my wings, learn and grow for I feel I have enough academic and professional experience under my belt. I am not coming from a confused, unsure state of mind where I am uncertain of my path. My professional background seems to work right in the inner circles of the Organizational Communications degree, having taught me many of the traits and tricks that come with field. Landing an internees job at Radio One, Inc. headquarters in Washington DC and later becoming the youngest employee in the DC market really helped open me up to a whole new business world, making me meet numerous radio personalities and allowing me to gain a sense of community and outreach. Moreover, introducing me to one part of organizational communications and helping me understand the work and process that undergoes with the profession. ...
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