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Research Log Book Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course ID Date First Entry: The Audible Past The audible past presents the transformation of voice recording machines into hearing aids that had various purposes. There were several versions of phonautographs that were invented in the 19th century as a simple physical apparatus that would imitate human hearing.


It is also important to note that every new inventor of phonographs had their own distinguished motives attached to their inventions (Sterne, 2003). Where Berliner wanted to investigate aesthetic possibilities, Edison wanted to use it for educational and social purposes. So, the sound reproduction machines actually transformed into hearing machines that cultural and social values attached to them. From their onwards, there has been a continuous advancement in the given field. The first intended purpose of phonautographs was to produce sound on the paper i.e. create documents of sound’s frequency that can be read by humans instead of machines (Feaster, 2010). Later on, the same principle was used to recreate sounds. Personal analysis of this phenomenon of sound recreation helped in understanding that sound reproduction actually undermines the social process of sound creation. We are surrounded by machines in the form of amplifiers, roofer, hi-fi sonic systems, musical recordings that just reproduce the sounds burnt into optical discs. However, this burning of sound into disc not only put an end to a learning process that was a by-product of sound production on a paper but also fails to illustrate the actual experience of first production of sound. ...
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