Usage of social media tools in the federal government sector in the UAE

Usage of social media tools in the federal government sector in the UAE Research Paper example
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This chapter presents the findings of the research work. The primary information, which will be discussed to accomplish the objectives of the research work, is retrieved from the websites and social networking profiles of the selected Federal Departments in UAE.


The researcher considers it important here to address the assumption made for developing the usage of social media chart. The domain of “Social Media Usage” is applicable on any federal department, which is using one or all social media engagement tools such as e-mail, RSS-feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Search facilities, feedback mechanisms etc.
2.2. Quantity of Social Media Used The primary findings presented in this section represents the number of social media tools that each of the 48 federal departments are using to engage with the general public. From the analysis of the findings, it is found that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular and widely used social media engagement tools utilized by federal departments. On the other hand, Blogger is the least preferred social media engagement tool used by the federal departments of the UAE. The other social media engagement tools that are used by these federal department are YouTube, official website, live chat options, 24/7 feedback mechanism, Instagram, electronic e-mailing systems, RSS-feeds, LinkedIn etc.
2.3. Active/non-Active Users
This section of the research report presents the level of activities carried out on the social networking profiles of the federal department and the status of social networking profiles in terms of active or non-active users. ...
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