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Facebook and Romantic Relationships Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: With invention of social media, the way individuals conduct their affairs has changed drastically, the old way of doing things and communicating has been abandoned in favour of the more technologically advanced methods.


However, social media sites such as face book have redefined communication among romantically involved persons by encouraging the parties to reveal as much information as possible regarding these relationships. The trend of revealing romantically sensitive information has brought with it some advantages and disadvantages, but in most cases, this trend has led to break up of many promising relationships and broken marriages. This paper will look at the negative effects that exposing romantic relationships in face book has on those relationships. According to Flynn (nd), one of the ways that face book ruins relationships is through the amount of time that one spends in face book and the jealousy that comes with it. An online survey in face book that was conducted among people who were in a relationship asked questions regarding face book and feeling of jealousy such as if they got jealous when their partners added people of the opposite sex. Although the levels of jealousy that an individual feels is thought to be genetic, when an individual is exposed to information regarding his or her romantic partner’s friends and social interactions in face book leads to an environment that leads to jealousy (Marshall, Bejanyan, Di Castro & Lee, 2012). ...
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