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Quantitative Analysis Name Institution Tutor Date Quantitative Analysis Summary Sirin (2005) conducts a meta-analytic review of research on social economic status and academic achievement. He used a sample of 101,157 learners, 6,871 schools, and 128 districts obtained from 74 independent representative samples to determine the relationship between student’s achievement, and their economic associations (Sirin, 2005).


He also discovered that this relationship depended on the level of school, subgroup status, and the location of the school. He further conducted a repeat of this study using the White’s (1982) meta-analysis to assess whether the socioeconomic achievement relationship improved since the first publication of White’s (1982) meta-analysis. The findings of this analysis indicated a small decrease in the mean correlation. He further discussed the future implication of this research and future areas of research (Sirin, 2005). Literature review Literature review can be defined as an account of what other researchers have published on the topic under investigation (Keyton, 2011). It is a critical assessment of what other researchers have done in relation to the topic under investigation. It also discusses a topic in a given area of research (Keyton, 2011). At the beginning of this research, the research presented a background of what other researchers conducted in relation to meta-analysis. Keyton (2011) mentions researchers such as Bornstein & Bradley, 2003; Brooks-Gunn & Duncan, 1997; Coleman, 1988; McLoyd, 1998, who stated that the socioeconomic factor is a common variable in education research. ...
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