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Instructor Name Normative Theory Normative theories follow ethical standards through a process of rational reasoning. Among the philosophies present that pertain to the media, the theories deal with one of the most critical factor – morality…

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mass midea

Since then various theories have been presented regarding freedom of speech and the role of media in portraying reality. In particular, the Social Responsibility Theory takes freedom of speech as a key subject. Since the role of media in presenting the truth is enormous, a few of the postulates for my normative philosophy include: actors in media are not entirely autonomous, actors in media – as part of the society – possess the right to security and protection, and actors in media as more of citizens than media professionals and hence as citizens, they should respect the sovereignty of the country in which they operate in (UN News Centre 1948). My assumption that actors in media are not entirely autonomous refers to the fact that journalists and other media professionals may be influenced by certain authoritative bodies or institutions. Although freedom of speech and opinion has been made fundamental human right years ago, this does not mean it is strictly practiced in all the countries. There are various countries that have been identified as not adhering to human rights and the role of media professionals has been significant in exposing the truth. The documentary film by Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg is a good example of how media exposed the truth of genocide in the Darfur region in Sudan. The photographs provided in the film acts as a proof testifying the presence of genocide in the region. ...
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