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Augmentative Skeleton Feedback - Assignment Example


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Augmentative Skeleton Feedback

Patchin and Hinduja (2008) noted that every social media is overflowing with selfies. Selfies presents an evolution in social media as it gives a platform where one can record and post photographs for others to experience and see. Ideally, selfies makes youthful feel appreciated as it helps in polishing their figures in the face of the public. In this vein, a person can post an image in social media to attract comments from online friends. According to Boyd (2008), the modern society is swiftly getting accustomed to selfies, as people increasingly continue to put images and photos alongside online conversations and interactions. This is because photographs and images effectively convey individuals’ reactions and feelings. In addition, selfies causes exhilarating feeling and connectedness since by viewing a photograph of a person you are interacting with gives a sense of human. Selfies makes social media more interesting. In this regard, many social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have come to acknowledge that people make the social site more interesting when they post their photographs (Boyd, 2008). In addition, selfies are known to nudge people as it has been witnessed that people tend to reach their longtime friends when they view their photographs. Selfies have been found to inspire. ...
Selfies gives authentic representation to people since their photographs acts as a source empowerment. People normally finds a barrage of images online, but with own selfies, one can view own

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images and for other familiar people. Selfies revolutionized the way individuals gather autobiographical information. This is because they resemble re-writing about oneself (Palfrey, Gasser and Boyd, 2010). Moreover, it reflects individuals’ presentation in the best way possible. For instance, when women put up make ups, they look more presentable and as such appeals more to the audience. Nevertheless, as selfies grow to be one of the modern ways to record private memories, people continue to appreciate it as the single best way of presenting oneself the larger audience. This was evidence by President Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha who posted their selfies during their father’s second inauguration as the president of the United States. Disadvantages Selfies can be damaging to young people who post their photographs with a view of attracting attention and gaining approval from the audience. Notably, numerous selfies are being posted in social sites such as twitter and face book in order to attract comments. Even though such images are posted to attract attention and approval, Ybarra & Mitchell (2008), discovered that they can also lead to cyber bullying. In addition, such treatment can lead to decline in self esteem where posted photographs attract negative comments and abuses. According to Selfhout et al. (2009), young people get embarrassed when they post their pictures during important days such as birthdays and fail to


ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SELFIES Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date Advantages Selfies are photographs taken using a mobile phone camera and shared through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels…
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Augmentative Skeleton Feedback essay example
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