case-in-point paper chapter 12 judging women

case-in-point paper chapter 12 judging women Essay example
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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Judging Women Introduction There is an increase in women in the workforce depicting the remarkable demographic changes being experienced all over the world today. Additionally, women are continuously entering careers that were associated with men.


This is what has led to the increase in number of women in the work force especially when dealing with high profile jobs. This is well depicted in the case in point “Judging Women” in (Miller 220) where three women out of nine Judges in the Supreme Court are women. The case is about the increase of women in taking up better career positions and the challenges they face in their work. Moreover, women are still facing problems when being appointed for some positions. The marital status of the woman as well as their parenthood is highly considered. Presently, a woman with a family faces a huge challenge in their work since the expectations are high and one can wither pursue a career or sacrifice the family life. The case points the continued struggle that women are facing in the work force. This paper will examine the various issues facing women in the workforce and how these problems can be improved, as well as, the rationale for the mentioned recommendations. Discussion The case is about Elena Kagan who was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. There is also a comparison done by Lisa Belkin to show how appointment of women in such positions has changed over time. ...
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