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World System Theory Name Institution Introduction Globalization is the process by which capitalist world-system spreads across the whole globe. It does not constitute a new phenomenon since the world system has maintained some of its main features over several centuries.


One approach is the world system theory that has broadened into a more purely academic enterprise designed to explain the historical rise of the West as well as it also explains the existing poverty in most of non-Western societies. This work uses the world-system theory to disseminate the information of a report about American division over immigration reform. World system theory is an analysis of history and social change, which sees the focus as a capitalist driven system but not as national states and political conflict. It views world events and interrelationships through labor, goods production, capital investment, and their movement. The capitalist world-economy has no single political center; its precise flourish results from its bounds to not one but multiple political systems (Mossmann, 2007). This gives it the freedom of maneuver and constant expansion of the world system. Due to globalization, many people have moved and others wish to move from their countries in search of labor in developed countries, which too are in search of labor force for their developed and developing industries. Many people over the world have been in wait for the immigration reforms in America, which would give them opportunities to look for employment in the country. ...
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