Is media globalization a form of cultural imperialism?

Is media globalization a form of cultural imperialism? Essay example
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MEDIA GLOBALISATION AND CULTURAL IMPERIALISM Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Globalization is said to interconnect and lead to interdependence among different countries in the world. It encourages business and cultural activities spread, which would affect cultural value of individual countries.


This information flow is said to result from development of global capitalism, new technologies and global television. Various nations from west deregulated policies creating path for the spread of satellite channels globally. Additionally great increase in global information came up because of invention of the telegraph in and included growth in postal services, cross-border telephone and radio communications, and the creation of a modern mass circulation press .This has increased because of evolution of technologies that can send electromagnetic news. Development of universal bulletin organizations such as Reuters in the 19th century was said to create the path for the beginning codification system. An observation shows that in early twenty first century (1960s) geo-stationary communication satellites was first made fully global hence the globalization of information communications is a practice from early twentieth century. News agencies are closely related to modernization in western nations and expansion of media communication. ...
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