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Name Instructor Course Date Role of corporate money in political process This is a decision arrived at by the Supreme Court that limits the government’s restriction on independent political expenditures by associations, labor unions, or corporation. The law allows independent parties to spend unlimited amounts of money in politics either to elect a candidate or to oppose his/her election.


They may be the best candidates but due to their lack of enough financial base and support, they may end up being sidelined. Moreover, those who have money can campaign against them thereby increasing their likelihood of being defeated. Voters, on the other hand, may be coaxed to vote for the less preferred candidates simply because they have wide financial support. This in effect narrows the political arena (Tham, 10). Secondly, the law creates unfairness and favoritism in that there is an exchange of funds for favors. This absence of limits in the expenditure increases the possibility of politicians to give policy favors to their supporters. Corporations can go scot-free if they violate some policies, for example, they can violate environmental policies by releasing untreated waste products into the environment, which pollutes the environment and thereby exposing people to diseases such as asthma. Ones they are elected; they will try hard to give back to those who funded them only in the expense of others. The unfairness comes in the sense that, the unqualified may be considered, for instance, awarded tenders, simply because they contributed to the candidate’s victory. ...
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