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Name Course Instructor Date The Massacre That Shocked the World: Case Study The case study entitled ‘The Massacre at Langdale High and Laura’s Secret Diary’ – highlights one of the most dreadful accounts of crimes carried in daylight in a school and the associated role of media to answer the “Why” behind such a hideous crime – keeping in context the privacy of the partied involved.


In this case the rampager was merely a 15 year old boy named Jeffrey who unleashed violence in his school campus. Normally crimes like these, which are conducted with no concrete reason behind them, reflect a flaw which prevails in our societies. It manifests that fact that certain immoralities are embedded within our societies, whose affect is so grave that it becomes a source of motivation for a perpetrator to indulge in senseless and shocking crimes. Apparently, the killers in such cases seem normal and quiet blended in the crowd. Generally, they do not hold any prior criminal records; but what is going in their surrounding is the reason which makes them frustrated and drives them to the brink of lunacy. Many cases of mass murdering have occurred frequently over the course of the years, which shows the darker side of our lives. The case of Langdale High involves two particular siblings named Jeffrey and Laura. Both of them had a pleasant childhood but soon things started to change. The case informs that the neighbors confirmed that both the siblings were friendly and warm during their childhood. However in case of Laura, her disposition suddenly changed after her tenth birthday. She became quieter and withdrew herself from communications. ...
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