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Name Instructor Course Date The Unlucky Hugo Once upon a time, in a beautiful city, there lived a king who had ten beautiful daughters and every one in that city desired to marry them. The king became very famous because of his beautiful daughters and this gave him a great task of making sure that they were safe.


However, despite the tight security, the king was very worried by the fact that every morning he could come to the room; he found his daughters’ shoes worn out and looking untidy. “Could someone be sneaking with my daughters?” the king could ask himself several times. This disturbed the king so much and he could not sleep well at night. After figuring out what could be the problem after a long time, he concluded that his daughters always went out for dancing at night with stranger. “How could his happen when I have strong soldiers in my palace? Could they be asleep at night?” the king could fall in a deep thought and ask himself these questions. When the king consulted his wise men, no one including the most experienced, could correctly tell how the shoes managed to get dirty and worn out every morning or where the daughters went every night (Selznick 28). After one week, the king was so impatient to know the truth and decided to make a big announcement to all the people in the city. ...
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