The movies "Salt of the Earth" and "The Battle of Algiers"

The movies "Salt of the Earth" and "The Battle of Algiers"  Essay example
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The movies Salt of the Earth and The Battle of Algiers
Both of these films are based in a setting that is very revolutionary, as individuals in these societies are working towards fighting for their rights against groups of people or states which dominate or exploit them.


The strength of the women depicted in these films can only be said to be admirable because it shows that it is not only men who have the fortitude or capability of fighting for what they know to be their rights. It can be said that while women have increasingly taken up an active role in the societies that are depicted in the films, the bias and segregation against them is still an ongoing process, which need to be addressed. The roles that women lay in these films shows that they are an important part of the society, because they not only bring within it a different view of things, but they also bring the diversity needed to ensure that revolutions or social movements are successful.
The films show that despite the fact that the men, who dominate the society, have denied these women the opportunity to take up their rightful position in society is quite unfortunate and that such discrimination should be remedied, to ensure that there is equality within the society. The films being analyzed provide a clear picture of how women are treated not only in the society as a whole but also in their personal lives as well. It is a fact that the films address instances concerning the gender differences and bias against women that take place within the society, and because of what can only be perceived as the men’s emotional distance, there seems to be nothing that is being done by the men, in the societies depicted, to remedy this situation. ...
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