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TV Paper INTRODUCTION In the present emerging world, the impact of globalization has largely driven the approaches adopted by modern societies. Though modern technological aspects are considered to have made the life of a person easier nevertheless it is also determined to have negative effects on an individual’s life.


THESIS STATEMENT The paper aims to provide a descriptive study of the American television romantic sit-com named Sex and the City. The paper would also contain multiple issues that have been addressed in the book Americanization: A School Reader & Speaker by Ellwood Griscom (Jr.). The paper would also provide arguments as well as discussion concentrating on the issues of class, Americanization, cultural imperialism, and feminism among others. DISCUSSION About the Show. The American television romantic sit-com ‘Sex and the City’ is considered to be one of the most well-known shows in the American television history. The commencement of the show was in the year 1998 and the original run ended in the year 2004. The show is mainly based on the life of four female friends who throughout their different natures and changing sex lives remain inseparable and believe in each other. The show has been nominated for Emmy Awards more than 50 times and for Golden Globe Awards in excess of 24 times, thus placing it among the top programs in the comedy series category (Home Box Office, Inc., “About the Show”). ...
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