Challenges Facing Consumers in the UK Essay example
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Consumers in the UK are often faced with a number of challenges. The challenges are due to a rise in energy prices, rise in housing, horse meat scandal, and unhealthy competition.


This is why competition laws are instituted. Competition laws are about applying the law to ensure that there is an healthy competition between companies without interference with each other’s rights (Whish, & Bailey, 2012). The competition laws are also healthy because they protect the customer or consumers from harmful behaviors of ill mannered companies (Monti, 2007). Competition laws are fields of interests because they aid in creating a wide variety of choices for consumers that it widens consumers’ options, it encourages efficiency and enterprise, and it also helps in the reduction of prices and improvement of quality. Housing is a major setback to the citizens of UK. The value of houses is high for the common citizens. However, there are individuals and companies that have come up to set houses for rentals. These have created competition that is bringing competition. Competition helps in pushing for low prices that make goods and services accessible to all. This ensures that virtually everybody can get access to good housing thus an improvement in peoples’ livelihood (Cseres, 2005). ...
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