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Final project Name: Institution: Introduction From the discussion in section one, it is evident that the traditional Korean culture is conflicting with the modern western culture and the results of the conflict are numerous and readily manifested in the Korean population.


Historically, the Koreans had their definitive religions, which included Buddhism among many other. However, the intense interactions with the west and other parts of the world necessitated the introduction of Christianity in the region. Currently, Christianity is the leading religion in South Korea with most Koreans adopting the faith. The trend evidently portrays the nature and effects of the religious conflict exhibited in the liberal society. Just as with any other developed society, the concepts of urbanization and globalization have succeeded in creating densely populated urban centers in which people share neighborhoods with people from all over the world. In such a set, tracking a cultural practice becomes increasingly difficult thus resulting in the development of an individualistic and in depended societies in which everyone leads a unique lifestyle by scribing to specific cultural and social values. It is commonplace to see men dressed in neat three and two-piece suits an abject portrayal of the manifestation of the western culture in the region. Among the interviewees, some revealed that suits and shirts were among their favorite clothes. The interviewer determined the nationality and origin of the interviewees in order to prove that all the interviewees were native Koreans. ...
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