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Unreasonable Amount of Rent “Real Life of Negotiation” The real-life incident that I would like to consider, for my study of negotiation and conflict resolution, would be the situation wherein I have negotiated rent with my landlord because he has abruptly increased the rent to an unreasonable amount.


I was negotiating with him to lower the rent. My tangible goal was to lower the rent, while my intangible goal was to negotiate in a manner so as not to spoil my amicable relationship with my landlord. My landlord’s tangible goal was to fix the rent according to his desire, whereas his intangible goal was to get hold of a new tenant if I could not meet his terms. My position was to negotiate till I could reduce the rental amount. However, my landlord’s position was not revealed during the negotiation. My interest was in the fact that too high rent will be unaffordable for me and my landlord’s interest was to increase the rent to cover the increasing rate of inflation. I could not have paid the rent if it exceeded ten per cent of my salary. My landlord’s resistance point was not revealed during the negotiation. Any negotiation is incomplete if the involved parties do not consider and evaluate their BATNA. The BATNA not only acts as an alternate action plan, but also places the person in a stronger position with respect to the opponent in negotiation. For this reason, it is advisable that one works on discovering and strengthening his BATNA and also showcases it to the other party. ...
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