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Fahrenheit 451: view of media [Name] [University] How does Faber define the value of books? Does his definition of “quality” apply to media other than printed books? Do you think his definitions are accurate or not? Explain. Faber considered that the amount of information present inside the book is much more important than the book itself.


He described books as a source of storing information that was important as people often fear forgetting it. He also compared the book with parlor families and TV shows as well saying that the things discussed and shown there can be recorded in books as well. Faber defines the quality of books as texture. A book has pores and several other features. The microscopic view of book shows a new life present under the glass. He also empathized on the fact that adding details to thing are quite important and that is what makes a book interesting and attractive for the readers. He also adds that good writers touch the lives of the readers and inspires them. The only writers that live in history are the ones who demonstrate vividness in their work. Majority of the people have the ability to write. Some writers do think that the use of long words can attract people and capture their interest. They aren’t aware of the fact that a piece of writing is only complete when a writer is able to create a proper image with adding necessary details. Faber also highlights the fact that books sometimes may not be considered helpful for the society. ...
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