Censorship of books in schools and public libraries

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Surname Lecturer Course Date Book censorship in Schools and Public Libraries Introduction Control of the school and public library books has been a big debate in United States of America and even beyond. Whether or not there should be censorship of library resources has created a wide division among the American readers and across the globe.


They both agreed on the role of libraries in maintenance of the freedom of the intellect. There is a debate on the topic of intellectual freedom as to whether there should exist censorship and what to be censored. The aim of this research will be geared towards ascertaining the extent censorship in both public and school libraries and whether there is any justification of such censorship (Curry, 30). History of public library censorship Censoring public libraries started long time ago. Control of library materials has been a continuous exercise (Thompson, 32).Such controls have been based of materials moral contents and their effect on readers. The information contained in the material has been another basis of such controls. The focus of censorship has been based on current climate and the suspicions of the day at heart (Malley, 90). Malley demonstrates this by showing the importance of literature just immediately after the Second World War. Enemy literature became a target of censorship. Their literature being destroyed by enemy state .This threatened the contents of enemy libraries. Multiculturalism was on the rise leading to “damage of racist and religious intolerant literature” (Malley.80). ...
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