Essay sample - Assess and evaluate the impact of the medium/technology "INTERNET" on and its relationship with society.

Assess and evaluate the impact of the medium/technology "INTERNET" on and its relationship with society. Essay example
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The Internet and Society: Impact, Relationship Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. The Internet and Society: Impact, Relationship 4 A. History 4 B. Discourses, Ideologies 6 C. Existing Media 8 D. Social and Cultural 9 III. Conclusion 11 References 12 I…


The paper undertakes this from the perspectives of the history of the Internet; the discourses/ideas and ideologies that are associated with the Internet; the Internet in relation to existing media; and the cultural and social aspects of the Internet. The Internet, as used here, refers to the global web of interconnected or internetworked computers numbering in the millions and are spread throughout the world, with more than one hundred countries worldwide sharing various forms of data. In 2011, the worldwide count for people who are plugged into the Internet was pegged at about a third of the global population, or close to 2.27 billion people. The Internet and the World Wide Web have come to refer to the same reality of internetworked people behind the computer networks, making use of technological protocols that were developed in the 1970’s and further refined all the way to the present time. That said, strictly speaking, there are distinctions between the Internet, which is the global computer network, and the World Wide Web, which is strictly a layer on top of the Internet and which exists for the purpose of being able to access data and communications that are passed over the Internet (Quinstreet, 2013; Merriam-Webster, 2013). ...
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