A paper proposal on the the Rhetoric of Sugar Sweetened Beverages

A paper proposal on the the Rhetoric of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Assignment example
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Proposal for a Literature Review Name Institution Proposal for a Literature Review The Rhetoric of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Introduction Overwhelming research by various scholars has established that there exist a wide range of factors that contribute to the increased cases of weight gain and obesity in the society.


In this literature review, I intend to analytically review a variety of literature on Sugar Sweetened Beverages. Thus, I will put emphasis on a wide range of SSBs. These include, but not limited to soft drinks (soda), flavoured waters, sweetened teas, ready to drink coffees, sports drinks, and juices. Babey, Wolstein & Goldstein(2013) contend that the increase in consumption if drink that have added caloric sweeteners is attributed to less healthy diets as well as health concerns such as overweight and obesity. What is the problem addressed in the literature review? The problem addressed is that there is the increased consummation of SSBs and consequently increased rates of obesity and overweight. Overwhelming research as presented in a wide range of literature has specifically cited increased consumption of SSBs as the main cause of the increased rates of obesity. Over the last four decades for instance, the rates of obesity and weight gains have tripled. Statistics of study carried out by Ogden & Carrrol (2010) between 2007 and 2008 established that one in every six children and adolescents aged between 2 and 9 is obese. These statistics are worrying. ...
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