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Final Research Proposal Name: Institution: Introduction Many often wonder why some students have difficulty paying attention in class or performing well in academics as compared to others. Some students often perform better in school than others. For instance, why would one student be able to pay more attention in class, take excellent notes, involve in all class activities, and perform well in class tests while others cannot?


Evidently, there appears to be a link between student lifestyle and their educational performance, with breakfast being pointed out as one of the determinants of student performance. A number of scientists point out that taking breakfast helps students to do better at cognitive levels (Simeon, 1989; Grantham-McGregor, 1989; Worobey, 1999). This highlights the importance of further research into these claims. This research seeks study the relationship between having breakfast and academic performance. There is a widely held notion among parents that breakfast is an important meal. Many researchers have attempted to establish the worth of children consuming breakfast in influencing cognitive ability and academic attentiveness. Many such studies have been conducted both on short-term and long-term basis. The need for conducting studies within confined laboratory conditions as well as field studies cannot be underestimated. While many researches have validated the importance of eating breakfast on health, academic attention, and academic performance, many others have argued to the contrary. Generally, there exist lots of inconsistencies in researches on this subject. Variables The study focuses on a number of variables. ...
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