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WHITE TEETH ANALYSIS Name University Course Instructor Date White Teeth Analysis The White Teeth is an increasing informative novel that has received enormous praises. It examines the roots and main causes for certain human behavior through the life of two culturally different men – Samad and Archie.


In her writing, the past is no longer a prologue but something hardly different from the current, (John and Smith, 2001, p.56). Smith’s novel is a whirlwind multiculturalism and immigration investigation and their impacts on individuals and the ways such cultural events get into London life. The tale begins with the Second World War and ends before the start of the millennium, taking about fifty years, a period that witnesses the change of all aspects of life. In exploring story about the reformation of the contemporary London, the novel joins Archie and Samad lifestyles, a click of colleagues whose friendships is established on common experiences in the last days of the struggles. Additionally, addressing issues to do with race, culture, and generation gaps with irony and brevity, White Teeth focuses on the relationship between Archie, Samad and their families. This bond was formed during the last days of the WW11 when they met at the main tank mishap survivors, (Kavc?ic? and Maver, 2007, p. 45). After the incident the two parted their ways with Samad going back to his country to attend college and Archie pursing his daily struggles in England. Almost 30 years later, the blue-collar Briton and the educated Muslim meets again. This happened when Samad immigrated to England with his family and tried to look for his ancient day’s friend, Archie. ...
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