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Assignment example - Skipping/not taking breakfast affects on student's performance in grade ten.

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Journalism & Communication
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Over the years, researchers and scholars are divided on what attracts student’s attention in the morning when they come from home. Because of the need to answer this question, there are many studies, which have been conducted with the aim of understanding the effects of not taking breakfast among students. …

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However, many studies suggest that students not taking breakfast in the morning affect their participation in schools. Despite many findings leaning on the perception that not taking breakfast affects their participation, some students have proved this notion wrong by performing above their standard without taking breakfast as some literatures reveals.
The hypothesis will be confirmed through testing independent variable which is skipping or not taking breakfast among the tenth grade students. Similarly, it will use dependent variables, which concern the rate of participation or performance among the tenth grade students.
Aim of the study
This study aims at establishing if skipping or not taking breakfast affects the student's performance in grade ten. It will also establish the degree in which taking breakfast or not taking breakfast relates to students performances.
In order to determine the aim of this study, it will base on four hypotheses, which will require answers and act as research questions. The following are the hypothesis of the study:
1. Those who have not been taking breakfast and are now taking it should improve their performances or participation.
2. Students who have been taking breakfast and are not taking it now should have dropped performances or participation.
3. Students who have not been taking breakfast and are still not taking it should have no change in terms of participation or performances.
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