Oscar Wilde was the fashion editor and critic of' the woman's world'.Analyse his contemporary criticism.

Oscar Wilde was the fashion editor and critic of
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde is a renown and gifted poet and playwright. He was widely known for advocating the importance of style in art and life during the Victorian Era that swept London in the late 19th century. Wilde’s greatest participation in journalism was his editing of the periodical article “woman’s world”, which was published in November 1886 under the heading “lady’s world”.


Being an editor, he believed that he could move fashionable social circles thereby attracting support from influential women in the society (Dierkes-Thrun, 2012). Oscar Wilde called upon to contribute in the reconstruction of lady’s world magazine which was to basically not just deal with what women wear, but with how they think and feel. The likely contributors of the magazine sought out to write with enthusiasm, with tact and avoid being extravagant and the use of vulgar language. The term lady to some level was viewed ambiguous; Wilde regarded it as having a small taint of vulgarity and extremely misleading because of the eminence of “woman question” which was a feminist movement. Wilde persisted that the magazine which seemed to be more feminine be re-named to “woman’sworld” (Salamensky 2012, p.132). These changes implied that the term “lady” which was to be changed to “woman”was associated with commonness. In 1895, Wilde in his own words would be interpreted as utterly clear evidence in his scandalous libel and criminal suits that gradually sent him to jail and eventually ended his career. This unfortunate incident did not erase his legacy. ...
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