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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Musical Multimedia Introduction There are positive elements found in IMM both as a constituent media and the categorization of other forms of multimedia as observed in songs and musical videos. It, therefore, suggests that before delving on the similarities of IMM in relation to a broader framework of consumerism culture and religious affiliations, an understanding of the guiding factors is crucial.


Despite the success of songs and musical videos in the modern age of technology and other advancements in human skill to streamline production, a sickening culture of consumerism is threatening the musical industry because artists produce shoddy works for fame. Analyzing musical multimedia requires a deeper understanding of how they relate to communication and the overall dissemination of positive or negative message to the society. For example, Cook discusses the image presented by Madonna’s Material Girl that was released in 1985 amid critical acclaim1. Representations of feminism and a combination of independence for women echo from Madonna’s song where she gained a place in the academic world. According to scholars, the singer emerged as a new voice in the post-modernist arena where composition was pegged on identities and images to reach out to an audience. Therefore, the theorization of Madonna’s video equally demonstrates the role of the media in determining new perspectives while also influencing the traditions associated with musical harmonies. ...
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